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“This world demands the qualities of youth; not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the life of ease.” Robert Kennedy 1967.
If the world needed these qualities in 1967 then with all certainty Lesotho needs twice as much. Who else is going to drive change in a country with only 15 traffic lights and yet cannot maintain them, atypically most of our youth exhaust all their energies in events, alcohol and sex. I am sure most people when reading the title to this blog assumed it was about politics, I dnt blame them, it appears it’s the only thing people in Lesotho perceive can drive change these days. Fortunately I am for a different awareness all together.
Like no generation before, young people are connected to each other, often in ways adults cannot imagine. Because of this, they are able to change the world in ways we’ve never imagined. This has not only been a threat to politicians, but has been a lift to this country’s economy. The role social media, web-connectivity and other online platforms have played is unmeasurable and can easily be taken advantage of by SMME’s that have no reasonable budget for marketing. Basotho are so used to being victims of circumstances which eventually benumb their senses to positively make a change. We have heard stories of men of the past who have made impact by working on initially small projects in their own corners yet later turned into multi-million dollar projects. Even today have you wondered how other young people have managed to create viable projects like whatsapp, uber, wordpress? Not only abroad even in South Africa we have the like of DryBath, Siyabulela Xuza (Real Name), Oxygen Africa Limited (Zim) the list is endless. Didn’t these projects start small in a local city, in someone’s room or someone’s computer? Are they not people of flesh and blood, just like you and me.
Could it be we are not thinking out of the box? Could it be we are concentrating only on what already exists that we fail to see opportunities for new things. Could it be we have been so groomed to sit behind the desks like the academics that we are that we fail to realize life without employment? Lesotho can only hire so many people, the rest need to make a plan for success that does not include employment. Just think, what are you good at that Lesotho needs and you can provide. Just think what your society needs and start designing solutions and selling them, this is where every successful person started.

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  1. thabiso raliopane
    thabiso raliopane says:

    Indeed, the energy we invest in the partylife can bring change to our economy should we come together in projects and network more…the world we live in today is unlike that of our elders and has evolved and all we can do is take advantage of it

  2. Lobiane
    Lobiane says:

    The problem is we are only looking at the government hore na e tla great jobs joang and the other thing is that of people believing that one can only succeed if they go to school. A lot of Basotho man and women have a means to help others but selfishness just cannot allow them, e.g. U can find someone earning about 20k but cannot even think of greating something for atleast one person who has not been to school or who have per say! On the point of inventions made by other people in other countries, well, here in Lesotho we are not dump i think , i had one story that someone went to a certain ministry and they were rejected and those people stole his idea, so what can we say about that? Somethings you just cannot do them they need authorization from the government which is where the problem is because its run by greedy people who dont like other people to succeed hence high unemployment in the country!

  3. Lineo
    Lineo says:

    this is very true,,,, we do have power to change our country as long as we could focus on our selves and maximize on our skills,then stand firm and take action!

  4. Karabo Thulo
    Karabo Thulo says:

    Interesting piece. It is the fear of failure that hinders us from achieving our dreams not knowing that every failure brings with it a success of the same magnitude. Let’s let go of fear of failure so that we can grow.Let’s direct the same energy we invest in seeking employment into projects.

  5. Jack
    Jack says:

    I tell a lot of people the same thing.Infact a lot of graduate are sitting at home waiting for a miracle to happen.We have even started projects like mission 5000,which is to create employment;among other force basotho to support Lesotho’s product,awake them against exploitation and free them financially.Hoping most freed will begin thinking out of the box

  6. Sekilo
    Sekilo says:

    I am deputy informations director of “hae lesotho” the biggest economic movement in this country that doesn’t associate itself with any political party..our slogan is pretty much simple “rata Lesotho, rata mosotho oa hano ube u ithate oena ule mosotho” patriotism this is where the solutions to this countries economic and leadership problems are found…at hae lesotho we call ourselves aggressive entrepreneurs we are young we love this country we want to be change we want to see in this country and most of us are already running successful businesses…to join this movement visit ” hae lesotho” on our Facebook page for info…how?

  7. Lebohang Litabe
    Lebohang Litabe says:

    It nids ppl like u n i… Bcs ds has made a major impact on me n da rest here like me, question is whr do we begin? Ur already spear heading dis. So is it only gona end here on ur blog or is sth gona b done about it? I say take us to da extreme n bring about change.

  8. Lehlohonolo
    Lehlohonolo says:

    We have ideas but lack sponsors. The wealth of this country is in the hands of old leaders who mostly prefer working in old fashioned manners. It’s very difficult to convince them about new opportunities they can embark on in this generation.

    Chances are extremely few that a young person can build something new and huge and succeed without having money.

  9. Moroesi Mothupi
    Moroesi Mothupi says:

    Lesotho can be innovated from where it is now to a better level, only if there can be enough needed resources. Since most of the young people are more multi talented and can use those talents to their country…


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